»Howard, der Mann mit dem Röntgenblick, hat die einzigartige Gabe zu sehen, wo Blockaden im Körper sitzen. Man braucht eigentlich gar nicht viel zu erzählen und schon hat er eine Idee, welche Stelle am Körper er wie bearbeitet.
Als klassische Sängerin brauche ich einen funktionierenden Körper, frei von Blockaden. Deshalb ist die regelmäßige Körperarbeit mit Howard für mich genauso wichtig wie Gesangsunterricht.
Ich gehe jetzt schon seit einiger Zeit zu Howard und bin sehr begeistert, wie sich mein Körper, mein Körperbewusstsein und damit verbunden meine Stimme und Psyche verändern.
Howard rüttelt, schüttelt, setzt, hebt und heraus kommt: Wohlbefinden auf ganzer Linie.«

– Mariella Baier, Opernsängerin


»Working with Howard is one of the best choices I’ve ever made for my body and for my music. I started with Howard after a trauma to my left ear; because I’m a saxophonist, my hearing is precious, and I had become consumed by the trauma’s physical and emotional effects. I was looking for a “fix,” some kind of therapy that would provide relief, but what I’ve gotten from Howard has been far more rewarding than any medical treatment I had imagined.
Howard was sensitive to the fixation I’d developed on my ear, understanding both the medical reality and my psychological fixation. He listened extremely well as I spoke about the problem, urging me to notice how my voice changed when I talked about the trauma. Howard’s laid-back fascination and warm sense of humor make him a true pleasure to be in a room with, and during and after our first session I felt good—relaxed and aware and energized, yes, but above all good. Every time I’ve had a session with Howard, no matter how I’d been feeling about myself or my music beforehand, I have left feeling good.
Howard’s approach during sessions is extraordinary. His expertise on the nervous system comes from so many perspectives: structural anatomy, neuroscience, bodywork, and psychology, as well as from dance, acrobatics, music, martial arts, Feldenkrais—and those are just a few that I know of. While other bodyworkers apply their techniques to your body and hope for a response, Howard applies his various expertise in response to your body. Howard isn’t driven by any rule about how you should stand or the way you should breathe. Instead he follows his incredible sense for your energy, your pain, your stress, your strength—and, from a super-informed position, he improvises. As a jazz musician, I find this approach to be perfect for me.
And the results are incredible. After a few sessions I started bringing in my saxophone, and as my fixation on my ear subsided we were able to get into how I sense my body as I play. Simply put, the best my body has ever felt playing the saxophone has been with Howard. He’s helped me reach points of awareness, relaxation, and command which I didn’t know were possible, even after hundreds of music lessons and performances. By nature I focus more on training and repetition in my practicing, but my work with Howard has helped me understand that so much more goes into how I play than just what or how much I’ve been practicing. This “lesson” has changed my life.
Now, knowing that greater feeling and sound are possible, I think about how to access them rather than pushing and reaching for them. There might be other “magicians” out there who could get me great results, but I imagine I’d walk away feeling helpless on my own. Howard understands this trap of bodywork, and we always come back to the concepts of awareness and possibility: both of them come from me, and I will have both when I leave. This empowerment is the ultimate reward of working with Howard!«

– Jeff Walton


»Sessions with Howard Katz always surprise me. I usually arrive for a session with general ideas of how I need to be helped. However, throughout the process, an unexpected feeling will make itself known in my body. With Howard's gentle coaching, and hands-on manipulations, I am eventually able to give a voice to this hidden issue. An inevitable change occurs and my body releases--I gain a new awareness of my body, my voice, and the room. It is like seeing out of a new body, one that is fresher, newer, and less complicated. These sensations and insights last well beyond the one-hour session. I reap the benefits of this kind of self-knowledge for months to come.«

– Caroline


»As a dancer, working with Howard has encouraged me to experience the 3 dimensionality of my body and the endless communications within it. My vocabulary has also evolved from 'change' and 'fix' to 'allow' and 'notice'. Having worked with him for several years, I can confidently say that Howard works in a subtle way that gives you immediate and lasting ownership.«

– Troy Ogilvy


»Howard katz's work has helped me to think of my body and its movements in an entirely new way. Sessions with him unearth movement in the body that the mind has forgotten. His intuitive and intelligent work unlocks physical, emotional and energetic potential in a way that is both healing and motivating. This work has shown me that the limits upon what my body can do exist only in my mind, and with Howard's guidance my imagination can lead me to a physical expressiveness that I might not have come by otherwise.«

– Laura


»Working with Howard is like 'coming home' to myself. I feel 'simpler' and more integrated after our sessions, and through this I am gradually made more and more aware of the movement potentials which already exist within my body and mind. There are no lack of 'mini- Aha moments' and lots of laughing at myself. You can be assured that there is no cookie cutter method at work here. Howard's method is full of integrity, patience, compassion, and encouragement. And most importantly, the work deals with you 'as you are' right now. I'm so happy to have begun this journey with Howard. He is a true genius.«

– Buddy


»Working with Howard will change your life. He won't "fix" your physical problems in one session. Rather, he will change the entire way you think about and use your body over the course of time, thus eliminating aches and pains from the source of the issue. I have been working with Howard for three years now, collaborating with his knowledge and unique sensitivity to grow, both as a dancer and as an integrated human being. In dance, he has helped me discover a new three-dimensionality that has pushed me into full movements well beyond what I thought possible. In life, he has awakened my nervous system such that a small sensation can create a major change in my physical well-being. I used to be a fan of "no pain no gain" deep tissue massages. With Howard, I can derive the same benefits from a light touch reminding my body where I hold tension and how to release it.
If you are trying to decide between an investment in a traditional massage or body work, I recommend Howard's work. He has a singular gift in his ability to read bodies. He will know you completely when you walk through the door but, in knowing you, he will also know what level of work you are comfortable with and will not intrude on your personal boundaries. Don't expect two cracks, a massage and a quick fix that lasts a day, a week or a month. Expect to learn new things about yourself and reframe your physical identity, making positive changes that will last a lifetime.«

– Hana Ginsburg


»Nach jeder Stunde fühle ich mich entspannter und gelöster und wie zurecht gerückt.
Man hat das Gefühl, dass durch die gezielten professionellen Handgriffe von Howard eine stumme Kommunikation von Körper zu Hand stattfindet.Durch Howards Übungen habe ich das Gefühl, wieder beweglicher und durchlässiger zu sein, auch das Gespür für Köperstellen, die ich schon fast vergessen hatte, konnte ich wieder deutlich wahrnehmen.«

– Nastassja


»Through my experience with Howard, I am reminded of many physical experiences that have been in my consciousness before, but that I have not touched upon or noticed in close succession. My puzzle pieces are finally together on one table for observation. With a different perspective, the intelligence of the body can put the pieces together. Howard's guidance creates this new perspective. I have finished each session with Howard feeling as if pieces have fallen back into order, and that there is greater efficiency available for my body. Once again I glimpse the face of a potential energy in my body.«

– Kathryn Alter


»I just wanted to let you know that I just got back to NYC from our 7 concerts with the Portland and Seattle Symphonies. It was an extraordinary experience because I felt that I learned so much from each performance and each one got better and better. I even played a bit with my walk over to the hoop while playing violin and found some better ways to move. I am proud of my performance! I found that the more attentive I was to my actual violin playing and the rhythm and precision of THAT, the more I was attentive to the rhythm and precision of my movements. It was very interesting!
Anyway, I just want you to know that I got really really positive comments from everyone and I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work to make this choreography a success as well as plant seeds for future growth. I learned a tremendous amount from you.
Very Best,

– Janice Martin«


»Howard Katz is a brilliant clinician in the art of energy, flow and body movement. After breaking my ankle in 2013, a very good friend and operatic colleague recommended that Howard would be a better choice to traditional physical therapy. She was right. At the end of the first session, it was clear that I had happened upon something revolutionary. It wasn't very long before that I realized that more than my ankle was being healed. Howard's work had helped my mind, body and spirit.«

– David Brewer


»Howard hat eine so stark ausgeprägte Intuition, dass er bei mir Energien, die durch jahrelange Erkrankung brachliegen, mit wenigen gezielten Handgriffen zum fliessen bringen kann. Ich fühle mich jedesmal leichter und freier und nehme meinen Körper anders (besser) wahr.«

– Dagmar Kieper


»Was ich denke: Howard beobachtet den Körper und kann ihn lesen. Er fasst den Körper an und bewegt ihn, als würde er ein Gespräch mit ihm haben.
Danach hatte ich meine Füsse richtig auf dem Boden und ich lief leichter. So ein Körpergefühl möchte man immer haben.«

– Irati Elorrieta